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    • Sister M. Roswitha (Eva Maria) Wanke called by the Good Shepherd in the early hours of 30th August 2014

      Jesus, the Good Shepherd,called in the early hours of 30th August 2014 our dear Sister M. Roswitha (Eva Maria) Wanke to himself,after a life fully lived.Sr. M. Roswitha was born on 21th October 1929 in Oppeln/Silesia as the second of four children. After a happy childhood and youth – even during… More>>
    • Our Partners Speak

        We switched from the study of Theology in the Gospel of John to listening and dialogue with our mission partners.  This was an informative and inspiring day as we learned about the diverse works throughout the Americas.  It was also very interesting to learn how various units support… More>>
    • The Friendship/Covenant model of leadership based on John 13 - The Foot Washing Event (John 13:1-20)

        Dialogue betweenJesus and Peter Jesus washes the Feet of Peter Jesus washes the feet of his disciples The theme of the day for the morning session was John 10: Good Shepherd discourse and Leadership. In the afternoon we reflected on the Friendship/Covenant  model of leadership based on John… More>>
    • Biblical women in light of risk taking

      The day began with a Lectio Divina in the different circles. Sr Elena gave some orientations concerning the Schedule of the day,  then sister Rekha continued her input on the BIBLE and this day’s theme was Biblical women in light of risk taking: Shiprah & Puah (Exodus 1), Samaritan Woman… More>>
    • Methodology for reading Biblical text

      The liturgy was prepared by the province of Mid North America.  Sister Elena  gave some orientations for the coming days of the meeting.  Then Sr Eliene presented Sr. Rekha  Chenattu who will be our speaker for three days. The main themes were: Methodology for reading Biblical text          … More>>

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